2015 External Grants Program RFP: Frequently Asked Questions

When are submissions due?

Complete submissions are due Wednesday, September 30th at 5:00 pm EST. We will send an email confirming receipt of your proposal as soon as possible following your submission.

Will late submissions be accepted?

No, late submissions will not be accepted.

Are the formatting requirements negotiable?

No. If a research statement exceeds 5 pages single spaced in 12 point Times font (excluding a bibliography), reviewers will be instructed to stop reading at the end of the fifth page. If a piece of the application is missing (bibliography, two-page CVs for relevant researchers, budget, budget justification, and project timeline), your application will be incomplete and may not be reviewed.

Are indirect costs allowed on this grant? What restrictions on F&A rates exist?

Yes, indirect costs are allowed. F&A rates should conform with the federally-negotiated rates for your institution. These indirect costs should be accounted for in the total budget.

Can projects take place internationally?

Yes, projects can take place internationally, HOWEVER, research must be relevant to US agri-environmental programs.

Can funding be provided to international (non-US based) institutions?

Yes, however, please note that any organization that receives money will need to have had an annual audit in accordance with OMB circular A-113, and if they have not, we will need to request an audit to be completed prior to distribution of the funds, which typically is the case for foreign entities, but otherwise there will not be any problems.

Are multiple submissions per PI allowed?


Are letters of support required?

We strongly recommend you receive letters of support from collaborating partners  if you will be working with local, regional, or federal organizations or agencies to facilitate your research.

Is summer salary/fringe allowed?


Who can send in the final application?

The project’s PI or the PI’s University’s Authorized Representative can submit the application.

For additional assistance, please contact Maddi Valinski (Program Administrator) at mvalinski@centerbear.org.

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