Messer and CAST: On Process Labels for Food

process labels

The Council for Agricultural Science & Technology (CAST) commissioned an Issue Paper, “Process Labeling of Food: Consumer Behavior, the Agricultural Sector, and Policy Recommendations”. CBEAR co-Director, Dr. Kent Messer chaired the task force selected to write this issue paper, and was joined by Shawna Bligh (Evans & Dixon LLC), Marco Costanigro (Colorado…

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Kent Messer & Jacob Fooks’s Mascot Research: Cheer or Fear?

Smokey Bear has spent decades reminding picnickers “only you can prevent forest fires” and has even been known to cry over the devastation they leave in their wake. University of Delaware researchers say the cartoon bear illustrates how mascots can most effectively protect the environment – by threatening disappointment. New…

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Improving Conservation Impact Evaluations

Evaluating the impact of conservation programs is a challenge, as researchers and policy makers must estimate the difference between the post-program outcome we can observe and the unobservable, counterfactual outcome that would have existed in the absence of the program. In a randomized controlled trial, the counterfactual outcome can be…

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