Apply for a Travel Award

In an effort to support early career scholars, several travel awards will be provided to help offset travel expenses associated with attending the conference. Graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, junior researchers, and pre-tenure assistant professors are eligible for this award. Awards recipients will be notified in summer 2017.

To apply for a travel award, please complete the application form. After you have submitted this application, please email your CV to with “Travel award” in the subject line.¬†Incomplete submissions may not be reviewed and considered for funding.

As a part of the application, you will be asked to respond to the following questions in addition to demographic and contact information.

  1. Briefly describe your research interests. (Max. 250 words)
  2. What do you hope to gain from this conference? How will attending advance your professional growth? (Max. 250 words)
  3. What do you envision as opportunities to expand the applications of behavioral and experimental economics research to inform agri-environmental programs and policies? (Max. 300 words)
  4. Describe research challenges that need to be addressed to advance behavioral and experimental economics methods and applications to agri-environmental programs and policies. (Max. 300 words)

Questions regarding the application can be directed to the Organizing Committee (

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