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Below is a full list of presentations at the conference. Selected presentations are listed in the order they were presented at the conference.


Presentation List

Invited Keynote Speaker

Subject Pools and Deception in Agricultural and Resource Economics Experiments
Tim Cason, Distinguished Professor & Gadomski Chair of Economics, Purdue University


Invited Keynote Panel:

Conservation Districts: Locally-Led Conservation

Jeremy Peters, CEO, National Association of Conservation Districts

Behavioral and Experimental Economics and USDA Conservation Policy: Past, Present and Possible Futures

Marca Weinberg, Director of the Resource and Rural Economics Division, USDA ERS


Michael Price, Professor, University of Alabama


Selected Papers

Empathy Conservation in the Field: Encouraging Farmer’s Participation in the Conservation Stewardship Program

Natalia V. Czap* (U of Michigan-Dearborn), Hans J. Czap* (U of Michigan-Dearborn), Simanti Banerjee (U of Nebraska-Lincoln), and Mark E. Burbach (U of Nebraska-Lincoln)
Discussant: Daniel Hellerstein, USDA-ERS


An Experimental Approach to Assessing the Influence of Information on Conservation Impacts

Aaron Hrozenick* (Colorado State U), Jordan Suter (Colorado State U),
Dale Manning (Colorado State U), and Chris Goemans (Colorado State U)
Discussant: Craig Landry, University of Georgia


The effect of informational nudges to promote voluntary behavior to reduce nonpoint source pollution: A randomized controlled trial in the field

Haoran Miao* (U Rhode Island), Simona Trandafir (U Rhode Island),
Emi Uchida (U Rhode Island), and Michael Price (U Alabama)
Discussant: Laura McCann, University of Missouri

Understanding the Effectiveness of Different Messengers – Nudging in Field Experiments on Consumer Preference for Recycled Irrigation Water

Alix Schmidt (U Alberta), Maik Kecinski* (U Alberta), Tongzhe Li (U Windsor),
Kent Messer (U Delaware), and Julia Parker (U Delaware)
Discussant: Michael Price, University of Alabama


Environmental Labelling and consumption changes: A food choice experiment

Anne Lacroix (U Grenoble Alpes), Laurent Muller* (U Grenoble Alpes), and
Bernard Ruffieux (U Grenoble Alpes)
Discussant: Nadia Streletskaya, Oregon State University


Do voluntary carbon offsets induce energy rebound? A conservationist’s dilemma

Matthew Harding (U California-Irvine) and David Rapson* (U California-Davis)
Discussant: Scott Holladay, University of Tennessee


Investigating Potential Impacts of Non-attainment Risk Mitigation on Conservation Exchange Outcomes

Karsyn Lamb* (U Wyoming), Kristi Hansen (U Wyoming), Christopher Bastian (U Wyoming), Amy Nagler (U Wyoming), and Chian Jones Ritten (U Wyoming)
Discussant: Simanti Banerjee, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Policy Instruments and Incentives for Coordinated Habitat Conservation

Carson Reeling* (Western Michigan U), Leah H. Palm-Forster (U Delaware), and
R. Max Melstrom (Loyola U Chicago)
Discussant: Neslihan Uler, University of Maryland


Reuniting and Adapting to Habitat Fragmentation for Red Wolf Recovery

Jacob Hochard* (East Carolina U), Yuanhao Li (East Carolina U), David Finnoff (Norwegian School of Economics), and Jason Shogren (U Wyoming)
Discussant: Christian Rojas, University of Massachusetts Amherst


Private Benefits of Conservation and Procurement Auction Performance

Marc Conte* (Fordham U) and Robert M. Griffin (Stanford U)
Discussant: Jacob Fooks, USDA-ERS


An artefactual experiment on the performance of agglomeration bonuses in conservation auctions: Lessons from the field

Zhaoyang Liu (U Cambridge), Qin Tu (Beijing Normal U), Jintao Xu (Peking U), Xiaojun Yang (Xi’an Jiaotong U), Nick Hanley (U St. Andrews), and Andreas Kontoleon* (U Cambridge)
Discussant: Paul Ferraro, Johns Hopkins University


Private Costs for Environmental Goods Provision in a Development Context: Lab and Field Tests of a Novel Cost-Revealing Mechanism

Samuel D. Bell* (Oregon State University)
Discussant: Rudy Santore, University of Tennessee


Selected Poster Presentations

A test of the gambler’s and hot hand fallacies in farmers’ weather and market predictions

Mary Doidge* (Michigan State U), Hongli Feng (Michigan State U), David A. Hennessy (Michigan State U)

Auctions versus Posted Price in Experiments: Comparisons of Mean and Marginal Effect

Shang Wu (U Delaware), Jacob R. Fooks* (USDA ERS), Tongzhe Li* (U Windsor),
Kent D. Messer (U Delaware), Deborah A. Delaney (U Delaware)

Communication and information provision in a spatial conservation auction: A lab experiment

Simanti Banerjee* (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), Marc Conte (Fordham U)

Do farmers follow the herd? The influence of social norms on the participation in agrienvironmental schemes.

Philippe Le Coent* (Lameta Research Unit), Raphaële Préget (Lameta Research Unit), Sophie Thoyer (Lameta Research Unit)

Do Stakeholder Comments Increase Regulatory Compliance? Evidence from a Public Goods Experiment

Stephen N. Morgan* (Michigan State U), Nicole M. Mason (Michigan State U), Robert S.Shupp (Michigan State U)

Does Ambiguity Reduce Withdrawals in Threshold Common-Pool Resources?

Abdul H. Kidwai* (U Massachusetts – Amherst)

The impact of economic valuation information on environmental charitable giving

Caroline L. Noblet* (U Maine), Sandra H. Goff (Skidmore College), J. Ross Anthony* (U Maine)

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