Evidence Based Agri-Environmental Programs Workshop

May 17 2016 – CBEAR hosted a workshop on “Advances in Evidence Based Agri-Environmental Programs”, focusing on randomized controlled trials, systematic reviews, and the Obama Executive Order on Behavioral Insights in Federal Programs. Steve Henn, former NPR reporter and founder of Tiny Garage Labs, was the keynote lunchtime speaker, and discussed the successes of A/B testing within business and the radio industry, and the possibilities for expansion further within government programs.

CBEAR was also proud to present Jason Weller, Chief of the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), with the inaugural CBEAR Prize for Agri-Environmental Innovation. Chief Weller was selected to win this prize due to his strong effort to incorporate innovative behavioral science techniques into NRCS programs and his enthusiastic support of CBEAR since its formation in the fall of 2014 with funding from the USDA Economic Research Service.

Workshop materials are available for streaming and download below. More materials, videos and photos to come shortly.


Watch the presentations on YouTube



May 17, 2016 Agenda

Presentation: CBEAR Introduction and Implications of Obama Administration Call for Behavioral Insights
Presented by Paul Ferraro, Co-Director, CBEAR

Presentation: Insights from Ongoing CBEAR USDA Collaborations
Presented by Kent Messer, Co-Director, CBEAR

Presentation: The Power of A/B Testing and the Rise of Experimental in Business and Government
Presented by Stephen Henn, Founder, Tiny Garage Labs

Presentation: Randomized Controlled Trials to Improve Government Programs
Presented by Nathaniel Higgins, USDA Economic Research Service & White House Social & Behavioral Sciences Team

Presentation: Systematic Reviews to Build the Evidence Base for Government Programs
Presented by Paul Ferraro, Co-Director, CBEAR

CBEAR Group Exercise: Designing an Experiment

Press Release: May 20, 2016


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