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Mike McGrath

Mike McGrath, Host of Nudges in the Right Direction

CBEAR is excited to announce the premiere of its new podcast series, Nudges in the Right Direction. Hosted by Mike McGrath, Nudges in the Right Direction will explore a variety of topics related to CBEAR, and will bring on guests who are experts in the field of behavioral economics.

Nudges in the Right Direction can be found on iTunes.

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Episode List

  • Episode 1: What is CBEAR? [10 minutes, 50 seconds]
    • Mike McGrath is joined by Dr. Kent Messer (University of Delaware) and Dr. Paul Ferraro (Johns Hopkins University), the co-directors of CBEAR, the Center for Behavioral & Experimental Agri-Environmental Research. They discuss the goals of CBEAR, who is involved, and what we can expect from CBEAR in the near future.
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  • Episode 2: Behavioral Economics 101 [11 minutes, 50 seconds]
    • Mike McGrath is joined by the University of Delaware’s Dr. Kent Messer to discuss the use of behavioral economics and the Center for Behavioral and Experimental Agri-Environmental Research (CBEAR). In a field that combines psychology and economics, behavioral economics can help us understand how humans make decisions and how we can design programs to best achieve their goals.
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  • Episode 3: Experimental Economics – An Introduction [9 minutes, 18 seconds]
    • In this podcast, Mike McGrath is joined by Dr. Paul Ferraro of Johns Hopkins University to discuss how experimental economics can be used with agri-environmental programs. Similar to testing new agriculture techniques, such as a new crop variety or a new fertilizer method, experimental economics is a way to test proposed agriculture programs to develop evidence-based programs.
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