Lunch & Learn: The Power of Defaults

Power of DefaultsSeminar–Webinar with the USDA Economists Group

Dr. Kent Messer, Co-Director, Center for Behavioral & Experimental Agri-Environmental Research (CBEAR) will be speaking on “The Power of Defaults”

Are your program’s defaults helping or hurting?

Humans are prone to inertia, and tend to stick to the status quo, which can have profound effects. When we design policies and programs, we need to consider how the default options we select can influence participant decisions. Changing defaults can be a simple and inexpensive way to increase program participation, and changing defaults has been shown to have dramatic results in a number of applications.

Time2pm to 3pm Monday November 9th

Place: Room 3 at the back of the South Building Cafeteria


A box lunch will be served and a webinar is planned for those that can’t attend.  Details about the webinar to follow.

If you are from an organization outside USDA and plan to attend in person, please let Bruce McWilliams ( know right away to make arrangements with South Building Security to let you in.


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