CBEAR Fellows

The CBEAR Fellows are critical to expand CBEAR’s research capabilities and better understand a large variety of agri-environmental issues, through behavioral and experimental research techniques. For more information about the CBEAR Fellows, please contact CBEAR Directors, Paul Ferraro & Kent Messer.

Meet the CBEAR Fellows



CBEAR Fellow James Cox CBEAR Fellow Kelsey Jack
Will Allen
The Conservation Fund
Simanti Banerjee
University of Nebraska
James Cox
Georgia State University
Kelsey Jack
Tufts University
CBEAR Fellow Sunny Jardine
Sarah Jacobson
Williams College
Sunny Jardine
University of Washington
Harry Kaiser
Cornell University
David Keiser
Iowa State University
CBEAR Fellow Maik Kecinski CBEAR Fellow Susan Laury
Maik Kecinski
University of Alberta
Catherine Kling
Iowa State University
Susan Laury
Georgia State University
Tongzhe Li
University of Windsor
CBEAR Fellow John List CBEAR Fellow Leah Palm Forster
John List
University of Chicago
Leah Palm-Forster
University of Delaware
Linda Prokopy
Purdue University
Sheila Reddy
The Nature
CBEAR Fellow Brian Roe CBEAR Fellow Elisabet Rutstrom CBEAR Fellow Vjollca Sadiraj CBEAR Fellow William Schulze
Brian Roe
Ohio State University
Elisabet Rutström
Georgia State University
Vjollca Sadiraj
Georgia State University
William Schulze
Cornell University
CBEAR Fellow Brent Sohngen CBEAR Fellow Jordan Suter CBEAR Fellow Todd Swarthout
Brent Sohngen
Ohio State University
Nadia Streletskaya
University of Oregon
Jordan Suter
Colorado State University
Todd Swarthout
Georgia State
CBEAR Fellow Emi Uchida
Emi Uchida
University of Rhode Island
Christian Vossler
University of Tennessee



CBEAR Postdoctoral Fellows

University of Delaware
Ben Meiselman
Johns Hopkins University
Olesya Savchenko
University of Delaware
Collin Weigel
The Nature Conservancy

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