Our Research

CBEAR creates and applies knowledge from the behavioral sciences to better understand how and why people make decisions. This research will ultimately help the USDA make programs better for farmers. CBEAR researchers conduct research in a variety of fields at a number of institutions. Research is ongoing, though some of our research has been published in academic publications.

To support expanding the research of CBEAR, researchers are encouraged to apply for the CBEAR External Grants Program. For more information about CBEAR’s External Grants Program, please visit the External Grants pageNote: the application period for the 2015 program has now closed. Please be on the lookout for future opportunities. 

USDA advances evidence-based policy with its Nutrition Evidence Library (NEL). The NEL aims to support a wide range of systematic review projects to inform federal nutrition policy  programs. The use and application of systematic reviews comes from the evidence-based medicine movement. Unlike literature reviews, systematic reviews aim to minimize bias and thus provide more reliable findings about scientific evidence that can inform policy and program design.These reviews will also be crucial to efforts to designevidence-based agri-environmental programs.  To ensure that U.S. agri-environmental programs are based on the strongest available evidence, CBEAR aims to encourage USDA agencies and their partners to commission and use systematic reviews and start an Agri-environmental Evidence Library (AEL).

Are you a program administrator and looking for an opportunity to collaborate? Please reference our Call for Collaborations as a starting point to think about what program(s) might be ideal for applying Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs). Please contact Kent Messer & Paul Ferraro with ideas for collaboration.

For more information on our research and opportunities for collaboration, please contact Paul Ferraro & Kent Messer.


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