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From CNN Money, Steve Hargreaves explores the impacts of small behavioral nudges on human behavior, as shown through research by the Behavioral Insights Team. The Behavioral Insights Team is a multi-disciplinary team of behavioral scientists, based out of the UK, which helps governments and other organizations apply behavioral insights in support of social purpose goals. While most of their work has occurred in the UK, the Behavioral Insights Team is beginning work in the United States in collaboration with Bloomberg Philanthropies to work on a project to help mid-sized cities more effectively use the data they have available, in an effort to allow cities to reach goals, such as more transparency and delivering better services to citizens. The Behavioral Insights Team has worked on a variety of projects, such as increasing minority performance on a police entrance exam, increasing the likelihood of unemployed individuals to show up for a job interview, and increasing on-time payments of taxes. CBEAR will achieve similar outcomes in the agri-environmental sphere, using randomized controlled trials and behavioral nudges to encourage landowners and farmers to make better choices, while still allowing them to retain their freedom of choice.

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