RELATED RESEARCH: Yale Researchers to Study Learning App Games

From the NY Times, Natasha Singer discusses new research on the development and evaluation of learning games, as discovered by a partnership between Yale University researchers and Yogame, a game developer. Researchers at Yale University are studying learning games and their impact on the education, health and social intelligence of children ages 5-11 in the play2Prevent lab. The company Yogome, an educational game developer, has partnered with play2Prevent in order to ensure that their games are having a positive impact on children’s learning. In an effort to improve their knowledge on the creation of digital games, Yogome sought out the play2Prevent researchers  to use scientific methods to measure the effects’ on game players. The researchers in this partnership are seeking to find out how the game changes children’s knowledge, as well as how it affects their motivation to learn.

This research plans to use randomized controlled trials to measure the impact of learning games on children. CBEAR also uses this rigorous form of study to analyze decision making in lab and field experiments. Using partnerships between academic researchers & those in the field, similar to the partnership between Yogome and play2Prevent, CBEAR will provide critical research needed to build strong evidence based research. The partnership achieved between Yogame and the play2Prevent lab is an accomplishment that CBEAR hopes to emulate with partnerships between agricultural industry players and local, state, and federal governments.

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