Behavioral Insights Briefs

CBEAR works with program administrators at the USDA and its partners to incorporate behavioral insights into program designs.

We’ve compiled a handout covering these topics. Download our Behavior Insights Brief to find out more.

  • The Power of Defaults: Are your programs defaults helping or hurting?
  • The Pull of Social Comparisons: People look to what others are doing as a guide for their own behavior.
  • The Costs of Complexity: The most sophisticated programs are the simplest.
  • Climate Change Mitigation Outreach Experiment: Should climate change programs mention climate change?
  • Gains from Avoiding Losses: It’s not just how much incentive you offer, but how you offer it.
  • Test, Learn, Adapt: Innovate by running experiments in your programs.
  • Labeling Success: People’s behaviors are motivated by labels. Labeling environmental practices used in food production can lead to higher consumer satisfaction, producer profits, and improved environmental outcomes. Could your program use labels to be more successful?
  • Ag-E Mindspace: Use this framework to strengthen your agri-environmental program with behavioral insights.
  • The Feral Hog Problem: Can A Cost-Share Program Help?
  • Recruiting Farmers: Low-Cost and Costly Ways to Increase Farmer Response Rates
  • Overweighting Small Chances: Leveraging Randomness to Boost Participation